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Low-cost Pet Health Care

If you have a dog or cat, we don't have to tell you that veterinary costs have skyrocketed over the past few years.  You want to take care of your pets but your means aren't unlimited.  The Wilson County Alliance for Animals wants to see your pets well cared for, and we want to help you do that.  We're implementing a couple programs to make that happen.


Since April 2023, we've been bringing out a mobile spay neuter veterinarian to bring reduced cost surgeries to Wilson County.  That helps, but it's not enough to meet our community's needs.  

The next phase:  we working to bring a permanent low-cost spay neuter clinic to Wilson County.  A very generous member of the community donated a space to us right off of Highway 181 and really hardworking volunteers  finished remodeling it in September 2023 to suit a veterinary clinic. We have begun fundraising and grant seeking in order to be able to purchase surgical instruments, equipment and supplies to bring this critical service to Wilson County.   

Vaccination Events

Petco Love has generously donated core vaccines to be given free for Wilson County's dogs and cats.  Starting in September 2023, we are holding monthly drive-through vaccination events to administer those vaccines and offering other low-cost wellness services such as $10 rabies vaccination, $10 microchips and flea and tick preventatives at cost.

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