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We hear you, Wilson County. 


You love your pets, but veterinary care is so expensive. 


You love our area, but there are too many homeless dogs on our streets, too many uncared-for cats roaming our neighborhoods.


You would love to see these problems solved, but don't know how that could be done.

We're the Wilson County Alliance for Animals, and we have some ideas.  

Image by Jamie Street


Our Mission

We're here to support the people and pets of Wilson County.

We are an alliance of people and organizations committed to the well-being of the animals of Wilson County and the people who care for them. Through the strength of our community, we're bringing the most current ideas for improving animal and community well-being to Wilson County. Our first project:  providing affordable pet health care options for the people of Wilson County by opening a low-cost spay neuter clinic and by providing free or reduced cost vaccinations for dogs and cats.


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Affordable Pet Healthcare


Helping Those Who Help Animals


Community Cats

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Homeless, Unwanted and Dumped Animals
Image by Katie Bernotsky

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