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Helping the Helpers

Wilson County government provides no support for animal care and control, so it's all up to the community.  And members community have stepped up in spades.  Wilson County has many rescues run by private citizens who take it upon themselves to provide food, shelter  and medical care to homeless dogs and cats, and who then assure these animals go on to good loving homes.  These Angels to the Animals do this using their own time, money and effort, and we don't think that's fair.  So we're sharing our resources to help the helpers help the animals.


Reduced Cost Healthcare

Every homeless animal that comes into a rescue's home needs medical care - a health assessment, vaccinations, parasite treatment.  They must also be spayed or neutered before they can be adopted.  Rescues should not havve to bear the cost of these critical services themselves.  So the Alliance offers them at low cost or no cost as we are able.  Because it's only fair.


Food.  Food bowls.  Toys, bedding, collars.  Every animal needs these things, and rescues shouldn't be the only ones supplying them to the homeless animals of Wilson County.  The Alliance passes on donations of these items from Petco and Petsmart to rescues so the cost isn't theirs alone.


Adoption Support

Once a homeless animal is healthy and spayed or neutered, they are ready to go to their new home.  But it takes rescues a lot of time and effort to find the right home.  The Alliance lends a hand to rescues  by providing adoption venues, volunteer help and administrative assistance in their adoption process.

Upcoming:  Transport

There are more homeless animals in Wilson County than there are homes.  One way to address the imbalance is to transport adoptable animals to areas of the US where there are not enough adoptable animals.  This costs about $200 per animal, and rescues cannot afford it.  The Alliance is seeking grants to transport animals in rescue who are ready for adoption at no cost to the rescue.

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